Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sumach Thanksgiving

In an autumn meadow, sumach saplings crowd together, their thin stalks fuzzed like adolescent antlers. The young shrubs sprout horizontal branches, each bearing two rows of delicate oval leaves. Like pennants, varicoloured in lime green and olive with sunset streaks of orange and violet, the leaves hang in opposed symmetry.
Older sumachs above stretch longer limbs draped with wine-red flags.

Creative artistry and all sciences fuse here. Think fractals, solar system, architecture and synthesis. Think...

The wild field’s treasure includes tiny yellow snapdragons and miniature white daisies. Here and there, unmown clover plants have spread into fountains, each stem capped with a purple busby. Khaki grasses stand toe to toe by the thousands. 
Rustling trees swaying high against the grey sky, play a soundtrack for October's sensory feast.

Look closely.
Not one petal or leaf is perfect, flawfree; there is brokenness and scarring all round. Indeed, Nature is preparing her annual graveyard.
But oh, the irresistible beauty. 

"The Spirit of God
Is a life that bestows life,
Root of world-tree
And wind in its boughs.

Scrubbing out sin
She rubs oil into wounds.

She is glistening life
Alluring all praise,

(Hildegard of Bingen)

Blessed Thanksgiving Day to All!