Thursday, 13 October 2011

Looking for Light

 Shapeless and empty, formless and void, dense darkness… until You spoke,
“Let there be Light”.
 “In the beginning was the Word”, You spoke again.
“The true light that gives light to everyone, was coming into the world. In Him was life and that life was the light for all”.

2011 cancer deaths, First Nations poverty, Haiti, sex-trade, North Korea, murdered wives, homelessness, criminal police officers, hungry children, road rage…formless and void. But darkness cannot overcome light.

Oh God,
You are like a treasured candle when the power goes out.
You are like a yellow caution light, urging, “Slow down”.
You are like brilliant Christmas lights cheering on our celebrations.
You are like starlight by which we navigate.
You are like the springtime sun that transforms dormancy into blooms.
You are like a desk lamp making it easier to see our task.
You are like a breathtaking magenta sunset when night is looming.
You are like our Lite Brite playmate.
You are like car headlights illuminating the next few metres.
You are like every sunrise that gives us hope.
You are like a street light when we’re walking home alone in the dark.
You are like crashing lightening that keeps us humble.
You are like the sunlamp beside a crib, slowly healing our jaundiced skin.
You are like a searchlight beaming through a cloudy sky, guiding us to the centre.
You are like a flashing red roadside beacon helping us avoid the crash.
You are like the dancing beauty of a dangling prism.
You are like the lighthouse lamp, faithfully warning of nearby rocks.
You are like a fire’s glow offering warmth and company.
You are like a miner’s headlamp in the deep, dangerous, underground dark.
You are like a laser of instant surgery.
You are like the whirling red light on a police car announcing that a law has been broken.
You are like the tiny twinkle of a dewdrop on a single blade of grass
You are like the porch light, left on until we’re home.

We are the light of this world? By your grace, shine through us.