Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Still One-Handed

The novelty has worn off and the latest cast on my fractured wrist is heavy. These days it takes more effort to light candles instead of cursing the darkness, but bright little flames keep appearing anyway.

A librarian noticed my injury and watched me with concern as I operated the automatic check-out for my ten books, one at a time. She stood near silently and finally asked, “Are you okay?” It felt comforting to know help was close by if I needed it.

At the mall, after awkwardly juggling a quarter out of my wallet and into the wrong shopping cart slot, I couldn't get it back out to make the necessary switch. Frustration. With only one useful arm, I couldn’t cope with a basket for the few items on my list and needed the cursed cart that was chained to twenty others. As another customer came though the supermarket door, I asked for help.  Managing to fish out my coin, she handed it to me and then, instead of rushing away, pulled the freed cart out of its corral, asked twice if I could manage, and held the swinging barrier open, wishing me “Good luck”.  

On two occasions I was glad that two different friends offered their services as chauffeur. I feel more vulnerable driving with a wounded wing, so I appreciated the rides, one to a local Afro-centric concert, the other to a downtown meeting. 

Other friends have recently surprised me with flowers and homemade food, including a delicious vegetarian nut loaf with mushroom gravy, time-consuming to concoct, I’m sure.

One cranky day I went to my iTunes files to hear some inspiring music and found that my husband had downloaded a gift from our daughters. They had transferred some of our favourite old record albums to whatever that thing is called that you can plug into your computer for downloading (duh). It cheered me up to hear “The Roar of Love” by 2nd Chapter of Acts, 1978. 

 Another time, the woman checking out behind me at a “pack your own bag” grocery store was gracious. I apologised for taking so long to finish my one-handed packing and get out of her way, but she answered with, “No problem - take your time”. What a relief.

Such goodness there is in the human heart – compassion, patience, kindness.
Such good examples for me.

These strangers, friends and family made it easier to follow the wise advice,
“Whatever is true, or honourable, 
whatever is just, pure, or lovely, 
if there is virtue or a reason to praise,
focus on these things.” (Philippians 4:8)